Dogpatch Arts Plaza (DAP) has transformed a dead-end street into an 8,000 square foot arts-focused public pedestrian plaza at 19th and Indiana Streets in San Francisco's Dogpatch neighborhood.  

Check out the full design plans here.

The Arts Plaza celebrates  Dogpatch's artistic spirit and its industrial heritage by creating a public outdoor "art gallery"  for large-scale installations and performances.  The Arts Plaza also serves as the starting point of an emerging "19th Street Green Corridor" that connects Esprit Park to the future Crane Cove Park at Pier 70.

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Another goal of the Arts Plaza is to create a "third place"  where  neighbors and visitors can gather to engage art, get a coffee,  and build community.  The "third place" is a concept defined by Ray Oldenburg in The Great Good Place:

Third places...lend a public balance to the increased privatization of home life. [They] are nothing more than informal public gathering places. The phrase ‘third places’ derives from considering our homes to be the ‘first’ places in our lives, and our workplaces the ‘second’... The character of a third place is determined most of all by its regular clientele and is marked by a playful mood, which contrasts with people’s more serious involvement in other spheres.
— Ray Oldenburg, The Great Good Place

The Arts Plaza has been developed by a team of public and private partners.  In 2014, BUILD, the developer of adjacent residential development O&M, engaged CMG Landscape Architecture and Place Lab, a local non-profit dedicated to empowering communities to create and sustain great public space, to guide the creation and management of the Arts Plaza.  Place Lab worked closely with the Dogpatch Neighborhood Association (DNA), the Eastern Neighborhoods Citizens' Advisory Committee (ENCAC), the Civic Design Review Committee of the San Francisco Arts Commission (CDRC), SF Planning, SF Public Works, and other city and community entities to shepherd the Plaza through concept, design, funding, permitting, and construction.  Additionally, Place Lab has assembled a coalition of arts groups and neighborhood stakeholders to form the Friends of Dogpatch Arts Plaza, a non-profit stewardship organization to ensure the long term maintenance and programming of the Plaza. 

To learn more "under the hood" details about DAP, please check out: